by Nick & Raychel

Why “Not Luxe”?

Unlike some travel bloggers, we started this with low-paying jobs and no help from our families. Neither of us had really done anything like this before. Neither of us had taken a gap year. Neither of us really had any savings at all.

When we decided to quit our jobs and move abroad, we were both living paycheck to paycheck. We knew that we wouldn’t be able to travel the world unless we had the opportunity to work for money in another country. We paid for our TEFL courses with credit and considered it an investment in our future together.

The only trip we had ever been on together was to Toronto, just across the country from where we lived in Vancouver, Canada. It took us 8 months to save up for this one week “vacation” together. Let’s make this clear: this journey didn’t start with money. This journey started with a desire to see the world and to do something different for a change.

We’re not going to fool you with photos of floating breakfasts and private jets. We know what it’s like to be on a budget. Although we like to take pretty pictures, we aren’t going to wake up at an ungodly hour to give you unachievable travel jealousy. We aren’t going to censor ourselves or lie to you.

What we are going to do is stay in cheap hostels, find ways to make money, give the advice that we would want to hear, and share our experiences with you honestly.

Are you in?

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