by Nick & Raychel

About Us

Hi! We’re Nick & Raychel, the Canadian couple behind the shared name Not Luxe. In February 2018, we made a big leap and moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, without having had visited the country before.

We took our TEFL courses with the intention of teaching abroad before we even knew where we’d be going. After we decided on Cambodia, we realized that the resources (mostly Youtube videos) about moving to Cambodia were few and far between. Some were dated, some were too abrasive for us (if you know, you know) and much of what we were looking for was just straight up non-existent. We figured that we’d take Nick’s love of skateboarding / being centre of attention (he’ll hate me for that one) and my media arts background to start our own channel.

After getting jobs and making a few videos, we started to a build a very niche community of new teachers in Cambodia on both Youtube and Instagram. If you are anything like us, you’d think that having a low follower count would mean very few DMs. Like us, you’re wrong. We’ve personally responded to hundreds of questions about moving to Cambodia, from TEFLs to school recommendations to food to making friends and everything in between. We’ve also met a few of our subscribers in person and have become lifelong friends!

After living in Cambodia for a year, we continued our journey with the money we made teaching to travel Asia and ended up in Sydney, Australia. Currently, we are on a working holiday visa in Australia. Hence why you will find a mixture of Asia / Australia tips and tricks on this blog and on our channel.

Our approach to this crazy world of social media was to always be reachable, so as always, if we haven’t touched on anything you’d like to hear about – reach out to us on Instagram (@nickandraychel) or by e-mail notluxe@gmail.com – we get back to everybody. Yes – everybody!


With love,

Nick & Raychel