The Ultimate Guide To Naramata, British Columbia

by Nick & Raychel
guide to naramata bc
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Naramata, a beautiful village located in British Columbia, Canada, is a must-visit location for its stunning natural beauty, outdoor activities, cultural richness, and culinary delights. Situated on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake, nestled between the cities of Penticton and Summerland, Naramata is surrounded by the picturesque Naramata Bench. The area is known for its vineyards, wineries, and hiking opportunities, and the lake provides an excellent location for water activities. The village also boasts a thriving arts and culture scene, with local art galleries showcasing the works of talented artists. Visitors can enjoy the local culinary delicacies while soaking up the village’s laid-back vibe.

In my opinion, Naramata, BC, is the BEST destination for mothers and daughters who want to spend quality time exploring the outdoors while enjoying the peace and tranquility of a small town. Oh, and did I say wine? Not yet? Ok. The stunning scenery in and around Naramata, including the picturesque vineyards, rolling hills, and sparkling lakes, provides a beautiful backdrop for wine tours and tastings.

So that’s why – for this trip – I took my mom! 

In collaboration with Discover Naramata, here is my ultimate guide for visiting Naramata.


Cannery Brewing 

Established in 2001, this craft brewery in Penticton, BC specializes in handcrafted beers that range from classic to innovative styles. Their signature beer is the Naramata Nut Brown Ale, which pays homage to the village of Naramata, and it is ah-mazing. Additionally, the taproom menu offers seasonally inspired dishes made with local ingredients that pair well with the delicious beers on tap. The brewery is a perfect stop for individuals and families alike, as it is dog-friendly (!!!) has bike racks, and hosts events throughout the year. 

cannery brewing in naramata bc

I got a flight so I could taste many of their beers, and I’d highly recommend it. Personally, my favourite aspect of Cannery Brewing is that in addition to catering to carnivores, it caters to vegans with a thoughtful menu that goes beyond the usual options. For instance, their classic nachos can be made vegan (and trust me, you DON’T want to sleep on these).

Cannery Brewing 
198 Ellis St, Penticton, BC V2A 4L5

Real Things Pizza – Naramata, BC

Real Things Pizza is the local pizza joint we all wish for – delicious crusts, unique and beyond the standard toppings. They have an entirely vegan section of their menu, as well as plenty of options for vegetarians and carnivores alike.  Plus, they even deliver to the beach! 

real things pizza naramata

We ordered Real Things to-go, and ate it at the docks at Wharf Park.

Rocky’s Real Things Pizza Naramata
961 Robinson Ave, Naramata, BC V0H 1N0

The Bench Market 

The Bench Market is a top food destination in the South Okanagan. I had heard about it dozens of times before trying it myself. Offering weekend brunch, lunch, baked goods, takeaway meals, catering, and grocery options, they even have the best coffee in town, made with locally-roasted organic beans.

the bench market naramata bc

The Bench prides themselves in creating healthy menu items from scratch. Their veggie burger was incredibly fresh. 

The Bench Market 
368 Vancouver Ave, Penticton, BC V2A 1A5


Naramata Slow Farmers’ Market 

The weekly market is held every Wednesday from 4 pm to 7 pm until September 27th at Manitou Beach Park and showcases the best of local food and farms that support the community’s farmers and producers. The market is a great opportunity to browse handcrafted goods, sip artisanal wines and ciders, and sample delicious local flavours. Manitou Park and Beach, where the market is held, is a popular destination for both visitors and locals.

My tip? Show up hungry. I ate dinner at the Indian food truck known as Samosa Express – and OMG! To die for.

Wednesday Evenings, Manitou Park, Naramata BC

naramata farmers market naramata bc

Paddleboarding on Okanagan Lake (Naramata, BC)

Experience a refreshing adventure on Okanagan Lake with Sun n’ Sup. Naramata is a hidden gem for SUP enthusiasts as it offers two quiet bays with minimal boat traffic. Sun n’ Sup is not only a paddleboard shop, but their sense of community, knowledge, and friendly staff blew us away.

Sun n’ SUP Paddleboard Shop
176 Robinson Ave, Naramata, BC V0H 1N0


paddleboarding in naramata bc

Naramata Creek Waterfall

Naramata Creek Park waterfall is a scenic hiking trail that follows Naramata Creek up a deep river canyon to a beautiful cascading waterfall. The hike is approximately 2.4 km round trip and takes about an hour. The trail remains cool throughout the year, thanks to the towering rock slabs and trickling creek. My favourite part of exploring BC is getting out into nature, so I’d highly recommend this hike!

Rock Ovens Regional Park

Rock Ovens Regional Park is a collection of stone and rock ovens built between 1911 and 1915 on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail (KVR). These ovens were constructed by immigrant workers during the building of the Kettle Valley Railway to bake bread and provide sustenance for the workers.

naramata photos

Rockclimbing in Penticton 

Hoodoo Adventures is dedicated to providing exceptional outdoor adventures and events that showcase the best of the Okanagan. With expertise in kayaking, cycling, indoor and outdoor climbing, as well as kids camps and group events, Hoodoo Adventures is the premier adventure company in the Okanagan Valley. Come here to play!

Hoodoo Adventures 
131 Ellis St, Penticton, BC V2A 4L4


Three Sisters Winery

Located on the Naramata Bench and owned by husband and wife team Matthew and Rebecca Mikulic, Three Sisters Winery takes a modest approach to winemaking. They let the fruit do most of the work, allowing it to speak for itself from the ground to the glass. Matt is a salt-of-the-earth human being, and his family has an authentic approach to winemaking and running their business.

1250 Munson Ave, Penticton, BC V2A 8S5

Pro tip #1 for the sustainable traveller: book an unconventional and eco-friendly wine tour with Farm To Glass Wine Tours

tesla wine tour farm to glass naramata bc

This tour offers a unique experience of enjoying exceptional wine while being environmentally conscious in a Tesla Model Y. Not only will you have a great time, but you’ll also make a positive impact on the planet. We absolutely fell in love with our host, Jess, and would recommend it to anyone.

Roche Wines

Roche Winery has familial roots in French tradition, which nourish their shared passion for vines and wine. They are dedicated to natural, artisanal farming and winemaking with a strong emphasis on hands-on farming. I loved tasting the old world and new world wines at this vineyard, and it truly felt like a luxury experience. 

60 Upper Bench Rd S, Penticton, BC V2A 8T1

Tightrope Winery

Tightrope Winery is a small, family-run, and sustainable winery that believes in the ultimate goal of balance, both in wine and in life. Their vineyards are farmed sustainably to create hand-crafted wines infused with artistry and passion. Fun fact: Tightrope is the first Certified member of Sustainable Winegrowing BC! This was probably one of the most beautiful properties I have ever stepped foot on in my life. No, really. 

1050 Fleet Rd, Penticton, BC V2A 8T7

tightrope winery in naramata bc

Serendipity Winery

Serendipity Winery’s journey began when owner Judy  stumbled upon a beautiful orchard in Naramata during a holiday. Inspired by her love for cooking fine food and enjoying delicious wine, she decided to convert the orchard into a vineyard. Serendipity has now transformed into a picturesque winery and bistro that offers exceptional food, sourced locally and designed to perfectly complement their wines.

serendipity winery naramata bc

Don’t miss out on their must-try items like their Gnocchi and beetroot salad – and if you have a chance to meet Judy, I’d jump on that opportunity in a heartbeat. 

990 Lower Debeck Rd, Naramata, BC V0H 1N1

serendipity winery naramata bc

Nichol Vineyard Tasting & Tour

Nichol Vineyard was one of the first wineries on the Naramata Bench. With a home vineyard dating back to 1989, Nichol Vineyard operates on a small scale, focusing on the quality of their grapes and their subsequent winemaking process. As the first winery to plant Syrah in Canada, Nichol Vineyard offers a unique tasting experience and the people who work there are truly top-notch.

1285 Smethurst Rd, Naramata, BC V0H 1N1

Pro tip #2 for the sustainable traveller: ditch the car & take the Aikins Loop Walking Wine Tour. This consists of five neighboring businesses, all within a 1.5 kilometer radius, determined to provide visitors with a convenient experience to indulge in top-notch drinks and scenic views on ‘the Bench’.

walking wine tour naramata bc

Deep Roots

Deep Roots is indeed the perfect name for this family-run winery located in Okanagan wine country. With over 100 years of farming experience, the Hardman family has cultivated a warm and inviting atmosphere for wine tasting. Their exceptional Syrah and Gamay are beloved by visitors, and both kids and dogs are welcome at this cozy winery. We loved sitting with winemaker, husband, and father, Will Hardman, who proudly planted the crops that we can enjoy today.

884 Tillar Rd, Naramata, BC V0H 1N1

deep roots winery naramata bc

Elephant Island Winery

Situated amidst a cherry orchard, their seated tastings offer a chance to truly savor their expertly crafted wines and ciders. With a focus on agricultural diversity and regenerative farming, Elephant Island creates unconventional wines that capture the essence of their innovative fruit. I loved relaxing under the trees with winemaker Michelle, as we chatted about life and wine. 

2730 Aikins Loop, Naramata, BC V0H 1N1

elephant island winery naramata bc

JoieFarm Winery 

JoieFarm’s white wines, refreshing rosés, and captivating Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are a true testament to the Okanagan Valley. JoieFarm’s winemaking style focuses on creating ultra-crisp, fruit-forward wines that push the boundaries of BC winemaking. I’m not going to lie, I’ve drank a lot of JoieFarm wine before this trip, but making a visit to the vineyard …. I was almost, dare I say, star struck?

2825 Naramata Rd, Naramata, BC V0H 1N1

joiefarm naramata bc

Legend Distilling

Now in their 10th season, is a small, family-run business driven by a passion for creating innovative spirits.  Crafted in small batches with local and sustainably sourced ingredients, these ready-to-pour cocktails are a must-have addition to any liquor cabinet, cocktail party, or pre-dinner drink. 

 3005 Naramata Rd, Naramata, BC V0H 1N1


Chute Lake Lodge 

Chute Lake Lodge provides accommodations that range from lodge rooms and cabins to yurts, glamping, and camping. A variety of outdoor activities are available, ranging from exploring the surrounding nature to indulging in the on-site amenities such as the sauna, yoga classes, and restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

chute lake naramata bc

To eat: Chute Lake Lodge’s restaurant offers Canadiana eats, games and a good cozy time. As a vegan, they were so accommodating. For breakfast, I tried their coconut cream granola and for dinner, I had their Buddha bowl. My mom and I played cards and board games all night, and were lucky enough to be there on an early summer evening where there wasn’t a fire ban, so we could have a campfire. 

chute lake lodge naramata bc

**Bonus!!** Chute Lake is hosting a summer music concert series from 2pm-4pm. The lineup of artists include;  Justin Koshman (June 18), Kailee Mcquire (July 9), Ellie Fier (July 29), Justin Koshman (August 6), Navaeh Dyson (August 26), and Kailee McQuire (September 3).

9540 Chute Lake Rd, Naramata, BC V0H 1N0

Thanks to Discover Naramata for hosting us!

Are you looking for more places to check out in BC? Here’s a post we wrote on one of our favourite destinations close to Vancouver.

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