Things Worth Buying as Minimalist Nomads

by Nick & Raychel
things worth buying as a minimalist for travel
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As perpetual travellers, we often give tips on how to own less, how to save money, and things we no longer buy. But before we’re perceived under the wrong light, we LOVE to spend money!! We just choose to spend money on things worth buying as per our own goals and life standards.

So what are some of the best purchases we’ve made in our lives? We’ll list ’em below.

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Plane tickets & travel expenses

If you know anything about us, it may not come as a surprise to you – but we love to spend money on travel. For that matter, travelling is the main reason when it comes to why we save money in general!

We live a pretty minimalistic life. We don’t own a lot of things, but travel is just one of those things worth buying for us. After all, we wouldn’t be who we were without all of these amazing experiences.

Camera, lights & laptop

I bought my camera (the Canon 60D) when I was accepted to film school in 2011. This camera has taken me through thick & thin – through cringe-worthy group projects, to my first paid gig and beyond. Lenses & audio equipment have come and gone, but this camera body has never failed me! 

In addition to my camera, we also have studio lights and a MacBook Pro that just makes our lives so much easier.

Our beloved HAMMOCK

When we moved to Cambodia to teach English in 2018, we were ready to embrace the relaxed lifestyle. After finding the perfect apartment, we realized that a hammock would complete our sunroom. 

That hammock was $30 USD from a local market, which felt like a lot of money at the time and under the circumstances we were in. That said, we used it every single day. When we left Cambodia to move to Australia, we passed the hammock along to our friend.

things worth buying - hammock - nick and raychel

Best. Purchase. Ever.

Concert tickets

When it comes to things worth buying, concert tickets have always been important to us. Many people leave these on their “Things I Stopped Buying” lists, but we simply don’t agree.

As two music lovers, we always love to support bands & artists we love by purchasing tickets to their concerts. We love live music and there’s no price tag you can put on that.


Yep. We buy them. We love them. We spend a lot of money on them.

Our retired ambulance

We bought a retired ambulance which we started working on gutting  to convert it into a tiny home on wheels! This is still a newer purchase under the works, but we are so excited for our next journey with it.

More on that soon. Follow our journey on Instagram!

Engagement ring (wedding bands to come!)

For those who didn’t know, we’re ENGAGED!! The proposal was incredibly special and personal, and the ring is to die for.

In addition to purchasing an engagement ring, we will also be spending money on wedding bands & other wedding expenses for next year. This seems to be a crazy subject in the land of the internet, but having a traditional wedding is just simply important to both of us.

We are so excited. 

Sushi making set 

It seems silly but it makes me happy.  I couldn’t make sushi without it. And I save A LOT of money by making it at home.

Skateboards & gear

Although Nick is now a sponsored skateboarder and no longer has to pay for gear. He says:

“Any skateboards that I ever bought in the past. Nowadays, I am fortunate enough that the company I ride for will send me stuff when I need it. But when I was younger I would buy skateboards all of the time and I started going through them really fast as I progressed and got better at it. I’m happy I saved any little money I did have to buy skateboards, because it shaped my life and got me to where I am. Even to meeting Raychel. I’m so passionate about it and I’m really happy that I stuck with it.”

And if that isn’t the perfect example of a great investment, I don’t know what is. 

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