Things We No Longer Buy

by Nick & Raychel
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We’ve spent the last two years living abroad, travelling and making decisions our parents probably find questionable and in doing so, we’ve basically minimized our lives down to a couple of backpacks and then some. We figured it would be time to share the things we no longer buy.

We don’t actively try to be extreme minimalists but we do try to be huge money savers and through travelling and we definitely realized:

1. We don’t have room to carry all of our shit with us even if we wanted to &

2. Many things we used to buy are unnecessary and we are much happier with less and we have more money to spend on trips and experiences.

Here are 39 things we don’t buy anymore.

Prefer to watch and not read? Same. Find our YouTube channel on things we no longer buy here.

Grocery Store Items

  1. Fruit Juices – we no longer buy juice as we make our own!
  2. Bottled Water
  3. Organic Fruit/Vegetables
  4. Shredded or pre-cut food
  5. Ready meals
  6. Pre-made mixes for pancakes cakes bread etc
  7. Paper towels/napkins
  8. Tissues
  9. Plastic baggies/plastic wrap
  10. Tupperware – this is a *sort of* one, you guys may see in some our videos that we use glass tupperware which was gifted to us, otherwise we don’t purchase any new tupperware and we save old jars etc. to put our stuff in
  11. Dryer Sheets

Lifestyle Things

12.Bars/club cover
13. Souvenirs
14.Birth control
15. Getting my nails done
16. Getting eyebrows done
17. Haircuts
18. Cigarettes – we used to buy these as Nick is an ex-smoker, but now that he quit, we no longer buy them! hooray!
19. Impulse purchases
20. Duplicate items
21. New Books
22. Greeting Cards ( + mostly gifts, actually)

Beauty & Bathroom Products

23. Nail Polish
24. Face Wipes / Makeup remover
25. Skin care products
26. Body lotions
27. Perfume
28. Dry Shampoo


29. High Heels
30. Jewellery
31. Sale items


32. The newest technology
33. Mobile App subscriptions

Household Items

34. Knick Knacks
35. Throw pillows
36. Decorative candles/frames
37. Magazines
38. Mugs
39. Household items in general  | We could go on that list forever because we don’t own a house, for the past few years we’ve always just rented furnished places or couch-surfed. This is not to say that if we didn’t own a house, we wouldn’t furnish it, so we’ll stop here!

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