Rainy Season in Cambodia: How Bad Is It?

by Nick & Raychel
Bamboo huts in Cambodia on the Mekong river
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Ahh, rainy season in Cambodia. As you may already know, Cambodia has two seasons: the dry season and the wet season (otherwise known as “monsoon season” or “rainy season”). Can you still visit Cambodia during the rainy season? You sure can! In fact, we recommend it. Here, we’re going to dissect how bad the wet season in Cambodia really is.

The rainy season in Cambodia typically runs from May all the way through to October. The lead up to the wet season can be hot. Very hot. So if you’ve ever survived an April in Cambodia, we applaud you. That said, Cambodia is hot all year round and during the rainy season, there is no doubt that it can get muggy. But are the wet months unbearable? Absolutely not. Here’s why.

The wettest months in Cambodia are July through September, though like many places in the world, Cambodia’s climate is ever changing due to climate change. In our experience for the past two years, we’ve witnessed the heaviest rain in July – but before you rush to go change your flights, let’s answer some very important questions.

Does it rain every day during the rainy season in Cambodia?

No. Regardless of the name, it does not rain every single day during the wet season in Cambodia. Some days are bright and sunny, and other days are grey. Visiting Cambodia during the wet season means that you may get a very diverse weather pattern, and see the country in its glory shades of green. 

Does it rain all day during monsoon season in Cambodia?

Definitely not! In our experience, it typically rains 1-3 times a day throughout the rainy season, and you should definitely prepare for it. We’re not going to lie – when the rain comes, it comes down hard – but it’s nothing a little preparation can’t fix. 

Bring an umbrella or ride like a local and purchase a poncho. Make sure to find cover in a cozy cafe or seek shelter for a quick nap as soon as you feel that first drop. 

Oh, and don’t wear canvas shoes. There’s a reason the locals wear flip flops and shorts! You may have to walk through some steep puddles, and at some points in the day, your whole street may be a puddle. 

That said, you won’t believe how quickly it dries up.

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Will Angkor Wat be too rainy to visit in July / monsoon season?

No! In our opinion, Angkor Wat is actually better to visit during monsoon season. During these wet months, Cambodia’s trees and forests grow lusciously, painting a perfect environment for your travels. You’ll feel blessed to witness Siem Reap in all it’s beauty during the rainy season!

In addition, wet season is typically low season for travellers in Cambodia. That means shorter lines, less crowds and more space to visit the attractions yourself. Bonus!

Is the rainy season a bad time to visit Cambodia?

No. Rainy season is a unique and beautiful time to visit Cambodia. Experience Cambodia in all of it’s green lusciousness, with fewer tourists, and an almost-daily excuse for a siesta.

Hey, but that’s just us.

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